Kath Williams + Associates Projects

Terra Esperanza

Guatemala City, Guatemala
LEED Core and Shell v3
Owner:Propuesta Urbana
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Builder:Premextex Construction
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Architect:Richardo Legorreta, Mexico City
Chavirg, S.A.
Civil Engineer:Green Drop
Electrical Engineer:Tecco
Guatemala City, Guatemala
HVAC Engineer:PMT Ingenieros
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Landscape Architect:Mark Landers
Energy Modeler:Quest Energy
Tempe, Arizona USA
Commissioning Agent:Genetec
Guatemala City, Guatemala
LEED AP:1/2 Ambiente, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Senior LEED AP:Kath Williams

Project is a mixed-use facility that is being carefully designed to accomodate needs of retail, office, and residential clients. The project is in an ideal urban environment, near the major medical center.

Ground floor will host a gourmet restaurant and event center. Starbucks has leased and built out a cafe on the street that will welcome the neighborhood to enjoy relaxation and local art. Residential condominims are luxurious with daylight, magnificient city and mountain views. 

A private health club with infinity pool and beauty salon caps the building immediately above a green roof for residents and a photovolatic system that powers a portion of the building. All secured parking is underground. The green roof is open to all and attracts many residents and visitors to view the Guatemala City.