Kath Williams + Associates Projects

Bozeman Retail Shell

Bozeman, Montana
LEED Certified - 2012
LEED CS v2009
Builder:Roche Constructors
Greeley, Colorado
Civil Engineer:Morrison-Maierle
Bozeman, Montana
Electrical Engineer:Interface Engineering
HVAC Engineer:Interface Engineering
Landscape Architect:The Land Group, Inc.
Commissioning Agent:Consolidated Energy
LEED AP:MulvannyG2
Senior LEED AP:Lesly Mroczkowski/Kath Williams

Narrative and Photos provided by MulvannyG2 Architecture

This project revitalized a site that was formerly occupied by an abandoned car dealership. A major focus for the site was be to remove the materials that were contaminating the site, namely asbestos, and reclaim the area as a more natural and hospitable environment. In addition to a detailed asbestos survey, the team also performed a Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment to verify that the parcel of land is suitable for occupation without any further remediation.

As a car dealership, the site was nearly completely paved with asphalt with very little vegetation. The design team placed great importance on bringing open spaces back to this location and reintroducing native landscaping wherever possible. The combination of large vegetated areas and a design that intentionally caters to pedestrians and bicycles will reintroduce this dense, urban site as an asset to the community.

The primary goal of the site design was to revitalize this site and provide an asset to the community. The chosen site had been thoroughly investigated for both environmental issues and neighborhood connectivity. By providing natural open spaces and access for bicycles and pedestrians on a derelict urban site, the project will enhance the community both environmentally and emotionally. Water, energy and materials will be used intelligently and sustainably in all aspects of the building.