Kath Williams + Associates Projects

Puma Energy Corporate Office

Guatemala City, Guatemala
LEED Gold - First LEED certified project in Guatemala
LEED CI v2009
Owner:Puma Energy International
Developer:Puma Energy Guatemala
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Architect:Studio Domus
Guatemala City, Guatemala
LEED AP:1/2 Ambiente
Senior LEED AP:Kath Williams

Narrative Provided by 1/2 Ambiente:

The Multinational corporation of Trafigura Beheer B.V., owner of Puma Energy, purchased all the regional Esso brand gas stations to increase their working footprint in the Central American region. Due to this decision, making them a bigger and stronger corporation, Puma Energy had the need to change their image, size and location of their office space. They decided to move to one of the newest and biggest office complexes in Guatemala City, Zona Pradera. Floor 15 of tower IV was the place they decided to occupy and Studio Domus firm was the chosen architecture studio for the interior design & construction, and make the first LEED certification a reality in Guatemala.

Their exponential growth in size and in human resource took them to change their working distribution and process. One of the fundamental decisions was to unify the working areas in one single open space area, improving the communication between managers and working forces, and equaling benefits to all the workers, regardless of their hierarchy. The only closed office in the entire complex is for the General Manager. This open space gives Puma Energy the versatility of making future changes, depending on their expansion needs in mid and long terms. In addition to this versatility in open space criteria, the raised floor system under their complex and reticular ceilings, make the future changes even easier.