Kath Williams + Associates Projects

Estudio Arista Cedral

San Jose
Costa Rica
LEED Gold - 2012
LEED CI v2009
Owner:Arista, S.A.
Builder:Arista, S.A.
Architect:1/2 Ambiente, Guatemala
Enviro, S.A.
Electrical Engineer:Circuito, S.A.
HVAC Engineer:Mabrosce
Commissioning Agent:Genetec
Interior Designer:Guillermo Canjura
Arista, S.A.
LEED AP:Belem Solomon
Senior LEED AP:Kath Williams

Project narrative provided by 1/2 Ambiente


From the formulation of the concept for this 1,916 square foot project, it was obvious that the new Arista´s Showroom presented opportunities to demonstrate sustainable design and practices. The architects and owner’s team have worked closely together to bring the project toward green design and construction."

Arista is a company that brings office space solutions to clients throughout the central and South American region. Management brought the idea to the table, and changed their original ideas to new and greener solutions. For their San Jose, Costa Rica showroom they set the goal of LEED certification which aligned with the company´s philosophy of high quality products, and service with environmental focus. The location shall set an example for future owners and developments of similar projects to develop sustainable interiors by obtaining LEED certification.


Arista is a company with experience and a trajectory in consulting, sales and installation and product placement of office furniture and elements for modern office spaces, with an excellent client services. The company was founded in Guatemala in 1986, with a single idea; give the client integrated designs and installations solutions in interior office spaces. This original idea has maintained true and real throughout the years. In an evolving market, the company has grew to different countries through the region, with presence in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras and Colombia, managing a regional operations network. The company has a strong support and practice of corporate social responsibility.

Their main economical activity is the product representation of two major brands, Haworth furniture systems and Interface Flooring products.

The company is a major supporter of the likes of Green Office Alliance and the Guatemalan Green Building Council and Colombian Green Building Council.

Arista has adopted as an intricate part of the business integrity and ethics, values that have permitted the sustainable development of the company. Through best management practices always taking the collaborators, clients, providers, shareholders and strategic allies into their major activities.

Building and Unit Use

The project was constructed within an existing office building complex. This office complex will house high end firms and companies in the San Jose.

The project will serve as office and showroom of the various products Arista offers, and display all their products put to use in their design.

The space is designed as open office, and agile workspace, only having an enclosed small meeting room and IT room, everything else is one whole space.

Owner’s Goals

Arista, along with the design team, are committed to

« Reducing energy consumption and costs

« Reducing water consumption and costs

« Providing a comfortable work environment that demonstrates adaptability and encourages productivity

« Creating a learning environment so that the meeting room and showroom support lengthy yet comfortable discussions

« Educate employees and visitors about environmental responsibility.