Kath Williams + Associates Projects
Kath Williams + Associates
is pleased to support owners and project teams in the following activities:

Exploration of LEED, WELL, and other international rating system opportunties
Selection of appropriate rating system tool
Identification of experienced LEED design/construction teams
Training of design/construction teams on efficient use of rating system
Organization of team and assignment of LEED/WELL work
Set up of LEEDonline (all rating systems and LEED versions)
Support and development of LEEDv4 documentation
Peer review of LEED work throughout project
LEED registration through awarding of LEED certification
Delivery and presentation of LEED Plaque!

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Commercial Projects
LEED-Platinum Projects
Montana Projects
Existing Building Retrofits
International Projects
National Park Projects
Higher Education Projects
Neighborhood & Campus Planning
"Green" Education Projects
LEED-Operations and Maintenance
Schools, K-12 Facilities