Kath Williams + Associates Services

Services We Provide: Neighborhood and Campus Planning

The most successful green projects start with excellent planning. We have helped developers and planners identify and incorporate green and LEED opportunities into their master plans.  We work with land developers, LEED-neighborhood teams, corporate facility planners, school districts personnel and university campus committees to achieve their sustainability goals in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Green Rating System Certification
Rating Systems are tools for driving value in various ways. Let us help you determine which rating system will bring the greatest value to your project. At KW+A, we specialize in the USGBC's LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system, however, we can help your team develop a customized standard that addresses unique settings, environmental issues, and development challenges. We are experienced in Stage 1 and Stage 2 LEED-ND documentation.

LEEDv4 Operations and Maintenance
Beyond new construction, the use of LEED Operations and Maintenance tool helps facility managers develop sustainable policies and documents best sustainable practices. Our team will help you put into writing sustainable policies and help you look for opportunities to save resources for the life of the building.

LEED for Schools
Children intuitively understand sustainability. Incorporating lessons into the pedagogy comes naturally with school facilities. KW+A has experience not only in implementing the LEED for Schools rating system in new construction and remodels, but also in supporting curriculum development and community outreach that helps schools districts achieve their green goals and their educational missions.

Plan Review
What is the value in an early evaluation of your project plans? So many times projects discover missed opportunities too late in the construction process to effectively execute. Having a building science expert review your plans prior to construction can save the project money and time. We look at all the variables specific to your project and provide recommendations that will deliver results.

Scope Development
What do we certify? Can a plan be certified to help with jurisdictional entitlements? Must we certify the entire development? How does certification work in regard to individual buildings within a development? KW+A provides answers--examples, research, data, and options--in the early stages of a green building project that save money, time, and team effort.

How do we get all team members “up to speed” on current green/LEED opportunities? KW+A will help owners and project managers determine level of team education/training needed to make implementation of a rating system more efficient and effective. Whether you need educational materials developed or an on-site boot camp, KW+A can provide current and targeted training. To view some of our successful education projects, click here.