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Services We Provide: Education Services

With an extensive background and interest in education, KW+A has supported green education projects since its founding in 1999. Education is the key to change to sustainability. With knowledge-based approaches, we help ensure your team members not only know how to accomplish sustainability goals but also ensure the information is passed along and institutionalized in your operations. 

Whether you and your firm are just learning about sustainability and need help internal to your organization OR if you have knowledge to share, KW+A can help you. Contact KW+A to learn more about how we can help you make your green education projects successful.

Customize Operations and Maintenance Plans--LEEDv4 Operations and Maintenance
How do we green our operations and maintenance since we know efficiencies and long-term savings come from sustainable operations and maintenance practices? Drawing on experience as a primary author of the “Green Guide for Operations and Maintenance for U.S. Embassies and Consulates,”  our LEED-APs specializing in  O&M will work with your facility management team to develop a practical, implementable operations and maintenance plan that saves real dollars, bottom line. 

Training Materials/Reference Guides
Where do we find the information that we need to go green? Whether your organization needs a Reference Guide or an investigation of alternative energy sources, KW+A will work with your team to find answers and publish the results in professional, marketable formats.

KW+A has helped state agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporations develop training materials for staff, subcontractors, and sales personnel. Using a variety of media, on-site and online training boosts organizational efficiencies and helps staff identify and take advantage of opportunities in green design, construction, and operations. 

Sustainability Standards
What if LEED or our local green building program does not fit our project? When national green building standards are not appropriate for your special project, KW+A can help identify targets, technologies, and strategies to mark you and your team as leaders in sustainability. 
Conference and Training Seminars
Drawing upon five years as U.S. Green Building Council’s Greenbuild steering and program committee support, KW+A can structure and implement green programs for conferences and seminars that meet the needs of your clients and community. 

Keynote speeches/seminars by Kath Williams

Where can you get the latest green/LEED information, delivered on-site in an upbeat, exciting way? A frequently invited keynote speaker, Dr. Kath is known for engaging the audience and providing thought-provoking examples of sustainable projects for large and small audiences.

Customized introductory or advanced green building workshops
How can you bring all of your office professionals and staff "up to speed" without sending them to workshops around the country? Working with your staff, Kath Williams will develop and deliver appropriate, practical, and applicable information and examples to your professionals and clients. A customized green building workshop will answer your questions and prepare your team for the future. Included is a lengthy discussion of the opportunities and challenges of using LEED rating systems on your projects.

Green schools workshops
What is a green school? How do we green our schools on limited budgets? How do we incorporate a new building as part of the curriculum? How do we maximize limited budgets during renovations that must upgrade our schools? Bringing extensive experience in curriculum, school administration, teaching, research, and laboratory design, the team from KW+A can put you on the right track for a successful project that makes a new or renovated school a contributor to educational progress and a sustainable community.

Customized online green building training programs for product manufacturers
How do we train our staff to sell our green products in the most efficient manner possible? Where can we go to learn the basics of green design/construction/operations/maintenance without sending them to workshops around the country? KW+A has created a series of basic learning modules for product manufacturers and government officials. Online, distance learning modules on sustainability also have been developed and can be customized to meet individual firms' needs.

LEED exam preparation-private/small group tutoring
After we've taken the Green Building Certification Institute's LEED training courses, where can we go for tutoring or study sessions?  KW+A can provided additional study materials that assist professionals in passing the LEED exams. These sessions can be on-site or online.