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Services We Provide: Commercial/Institutional Services

KW+A helps commercial, municipal and institutional project teams around the world. Whether this is your first LEED project or you have multiple projects certified to date, our goal is to help you learn while doing so that your next LEED/green projects will be more efficient and effective. 

New to LEED version 4?
Use us to help you learn in a fast, efficient manner that doesn't slow down the project!

KW+A CAN DELIVER ALL SERVICES (except design and construction) FOR ONE PRICE!

LEED SERVICES (as appropriate for your project)

Scoping Analysis

Where do we start on a green/LEED project? Which LEED product do we use?  KW+A will ask the questions that help you and your team develop your vision, understand resource acquisition, and identify execution strategies. Careful review of the project concept and solid recommendations will help you and your team choose the green path that is appropriate for your project.

Design Team Selection

How do we get the right team? Experience has shown that the cost of going green is directly linked to the activities of the team. KW+A can support owners and developers by writing RFQ/RFPs that will draw the kinds of professionals needed for successful green projects. KW+A can also help you manage the interviewing process and facilitate reference checking.

Team Organization

If green/LEED projects require integrated design, how can owners ensure their teams understand and can deliver an outstanding project? KW+A will develop and deliver green/LEED training that is customized for a specific design team through subcontractors. Throughout the entire project, KW+A stands ready as a resource on all areas of sustainability.

Eco/LEED Charrette Facilitation

What if our design team only is tasked with design workshops or charrettes in their scope of work? From pre-planning, venue logistics, participant selection, facilitation, final reports, KW+A has vast experience as facilitators of specialized charrettes. KW+A will also work with traditional design teams to incorporate LEED into conventional design charrettes.

LEED Facilitation

What if we need someone to help us through the whole LEED process? KW+A has extensive experience in LEED product selection, project registration, LEED training, LEEDonLine training, and complete LEED documentation. Whenever appropriate, one of the KW+A associates can serve as senior LEED advisor, looking over the shoulders of new LEED-APs on their first projects.

Energy Modeling, Commissioning, Daylight Modeling

Where can we find help on the specialized tests and activities required by LEED? As a collaborative of green professionals, KW+A is able to tap proven experts in Equest, Comcheck and other modeling software services. When you need commissioning services, KW+A can help you analyze your needs and select an appropriate commissioning agent for the project. Opportunities exist for local university/college partnership development and education for students through green building projects. Daylighting studies can be accomplished through university internships and student design studio engagement.  

Peer Review

As LEED grows, so do the project team challenges with new versions. Whether this is your first time using LEED or just your first time using Version 4, we can "look over your shoulder" throughout the project documentation or simply prior to LEED submittal. 

We can provide sample spreadsheets, programs, plans and materials research that support documentation of LEED commercial projects. Contact KW+A during your search of excellent models to be adapted appropriately to your project.