Kath Williams + Associates Projects

Bozeman City Hall

Bozeman, Montana
LEED Silver - 2012
LEED EB v2.0
Owner:City of Bozeman
Builder:Dick Anderson Construction
HVAC Engineer:Three Rivers Engineering
Daylight Modeler:Integrated Design Lab
MSU School of Architecture
Energy Modeler:Integrated Design Lab
MSU School of Architecture
Commissioning Agent:Facility Improvement Corporation
LEED AP:Kim Everts/CommaQ
Senior LEED AP:Kath Williams

Project narrative provided by Comma-Q Architecture, Inc.

As a result of intense population growth, the City of Bozeman opened a new Public Library in November 2006. The vacated 1980’s library building was studied to determine if it could accommodate other City departments. It was concluded that the size and location would provide the needs of the departments located in City Hall best. The current City Hall, located on a prominent corner of Main Street, was poorly arranged, overcrowded with site constraints restricting its ability to expand. The relocation into the former library building opens up desirable high profile retail space on Main Street and the existing 22,240 square foot facility will provide adequate expansion for the rapidly growing City of Bozeman government. A 1,200 square foot addition to the existing community meeting room will become the new City Commission Meeting Chamber.

The New City Hall is located at 121 North Rouse Ave and provides office space for the City Administration Department, Legal Department, Human Resource Department, Finance Department, and Treasury Department.
The City of Bozeman Commissioners requested that the renovation project meet LEED-EB Silver status.