Kath Williams + Associates Projects

Bozeman Public Library

Bozeman, Montana
LEED Silver - 2006
LEED NC v2.2
Owner:City of Bozeman,
Bozeman, Montana
Developer:City of Bozeman
Builder:Martel Construction
Bozeman, Montana
Architect:Overland Partners, San Antonio, TX
StudioFORMA, Bozeman, MT
HVAC Engineer:Associated Construction Engineering
Belgrade, Montana
Structural Engineer:Nishkian Monks
Bozeman, Montana
Landscape Architect:CTA Architects Engineers
Bozeman, Montana
Energy Modeler:Enermodal/Group 14
Denver, Colorado
Commissioning Agent:Facility Improvement Corporation
Great Falls, Montana
Interior Designer:Laura Fedro Interiors Inc
Bozeman, Montana
LEED AP:Jess Glowacki
Senior LEED AP:Kath Williams

Situated on East Main Street in downtown Bozeman, Montana, was 14 acres that had seen abuse as the CMC East Main Depot facility since 1909. Although was no longer a rail facility after 1932, it was home for a variety of commercial and industrial activities including recycling facilities (batteries, mercury, scrap metal, and electrical transformers) and an auto dealership. In the 1950s, asbestos ore was handled on an adjacent site and storage was on the current library site.

In August 1990, when the presence of ore was reported to the State of Montana, the site was fenced, and remained in ruins until purchased by the City of Bozeman in 2000. The citizens of Bozeman voted for a $4 million bond issue to purchase and clean up the property for use as the public library building site.

A voluntary cleanup plan (VCP) was developed and implemented in compliance with the state Department of Environmental Quality requirements and guidance. Over $1.2 million was spent in cleanup, salvage of the original depot structure, and restoration activities on the 14-acre site.

During the approximately two years of cleanup, the design of the library began with Overland Partners, San Antonio, being in the lead. The team embraced LEED-NC 2.1 as a guiding force and hoped fundraising efforts would allow for registration and certification. As schematic design was being completed, the Bozeman office of Overland Partners separated from the San Antonio office and reorganized as StudioForma.

Fundraising efforts to garnered over $7 million, including an anonymous donation of $500,000 if the project attained LEED-Silver. Local resident Kath Williams, LEED-Faculty and LEED AP, volunteered to shepherd and document the project. Martel Construction, with the Xanterra LEED-certified project already to their credit, volunteered to expand their scope of work on LEED documentation. The donated funds were spent to include the photovoltaic system, green education opportunities, energy modeling, enhanced commissioning, LEED fees, and documentation support by the architect and engineers. A two-year wind power contract to provide 100% green power for the project was another generous donation to this project by Two Dot Wind Farm. The photovoltaic system was enhanced by a grant from Northwestern Energy. The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance recognized the library project as one of the top 10 green civil projects in the four states it serves.

Occupancy was in November 2006. A community ‘Book Brigade” was held, Sunday, October 8, 2006 with over 2200 folks helping move the Children’s Library from the old library to the new. Over 6000 books were passed individual to individual in the community event.