Kath Williams + Associates Projects

State High Performance Building Standard for New Construction

State of Montana
Helena, Montana
Kath Williams + Associates, in partnership with StudioForma Architects, facilitated the development of the State High Performance Building Standard (HPBS) for Department of Administration, State Architecture and Engineering (State A&E) Division.  Mandated by the the Montana 61st Legislature, the standard will apply to all new buildings and major renovations constructed under 17-7-202, MCA, and for all new state-leased buildings.

Approved by representatives of all state agencies and universities, the HPBS requires all applicable projects to:
(a) be built and operated as high-performance buildings
(b) exceed the International Energy Conservation Code by 20%.

The legislation requires that State A&E work in collaboration with the Montana university system and other state agencies to develop and adopt the standard with consideration to be given to:
(a) integrated design principles to optimize energy performance, enhance indoor environmental quality, and conserve natural resources
(b) cost-effectiveness, including productivity, deferred maintenance, and operations
(c) environmental, economic, and social sustainability of materials and components
(d) building functionality, durability, and maintenance.

Link to the document:  http://architecture.mt.gov/Design#169725778-high-performance-building-program-for-om-of-existing-buildings