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Bert Mooney Airport Sustainability Management Plan, Butte

Bert Mooney Airport
Butte, Montana
In teamwork with Morrison Maierle, Inc., Kath Williams + Associates developed a practical approach to the Airport Sustainability Management Plan.  In late 2012, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) continued its 2010 grant-funded "Sustainable Master Plan Pilot Program" by awarding 13 airports the opportunity to use lessons learned. Airports of all sizes and activity levels are represented in the group of 13 including some of the largest airports in the US (Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Seattle-Tacoma, and Tampa) as well as General Aviation (Fresno, Gulfport-Biloxi, Ithaca-Tompkins, Dayton International, Nashville, Renton, and Teterboro) and several relievers.

The Butte Airport Authority expected the plan to be "a holistic approach to managing Bert Mooney Airport to ensure its continued economic viability, operational efficiency, natural resource conservation, and social responsibilities while meeting the regulatory requirements inherent to a federally funded airport."

The team examined all aspects of sustainability, focused on short and long-term return on investment and life-cycle costs, drew upon successful programs from the FAA's pilot project, and utilized the best research and information available.  KW+A was also be involved in the facilitation of community meetings and communication with public and other airport professionals.