Kath Williams + Associates Projects

State High Performance Building Program for O&M

State of Montana
Helena, Montana
In accordance with §17-7-214 and §17-7-215 MCA, the Department of Administration (through its Architecture & Engineering Division) establishes the High-Performance Building Program for Operations & Maintenance of Existing Buildings (HPBP for O&M-EB). The voluntary HPBP for O&M-EB has been developed in collaboration with the Montana University System and other state agencies in order to improve the capacity of agencies to address operations, repairs, maintenance, and utility usage of existing state-owned facilities. Kath Williams served as facilitator.

The overall goal of the HPBP for O&M-EB is to support existing state-owned buildings in meeting or exceeding operational standards that are cost-effective and enable progress toward sustainability in the following areas that form the basis of this HPBP: 1. Optimizing energy performance 2. Enhancing indoor environmental quality 3. Conserving natural resources 4. Improving productivity 5. Reducing deferred maintenance backlogs 6. Consistent/continual improvements to building functionality, durability, utilization, and maintenance.

The HPBP for O&M-EB is promulgated to implement the concepts of HB 464 of the 64th Legislative Session as codified in §17-7-214 and §17-7-215 MCA. 1.2. The HPBP for O&M-EB is established in consensus with the Montana University System and other state agencies on June 10, 2016, as meeting the requirements of §17-7-214 and §17-7-215 MCA, and are otherwise referred  as the HPBP. 

Link to the document:  http://architecture.mt.gov/Design#169725778-high-performance-building-program-for-om-of-existing-buildings