Kath Williams + Associates Projects

Norm Asbjornson Hall, Montana State University

Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana
Under construction
Owner:State of Montana
Architecture and Engineering Division
Developer:Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana
Builder:Martel Construction
Bozeman, Montana
Architect:A&E Architects, Billings
ZGF Architects, Seattle
Civil Engineer:DOWL HKM
HVAC Engineer:ACE and AEI
Structural Engineer:Morrison-Maierle
Bozeman, Montana
Landscape Architect:Land Design Inc.
Billings, Montana
Daylight Modeler:MSU Integrated Design Lab
Bozeman, Montana
LEED AP:Lesly Mroczkowski
Senior LEED AP:Kath Williams

Innovation Center Vision


The Norm Asbjornson Hall at Montana State University will promote dynamic interdisciplinary engagement, meaningful student-faculty interaction and accelerated innovation that responds to and anticipates emerging trends in education, industry and society. Open to all and anchored in the university’s growing engineering programs, the building will bring to life an enduring, state-of-the-art asset that erects bridges between academic programs, serves today’s outstanding students and faculty, and supports how learning and leadership will occur long into the future.    From http://www.msuinnovationcenter.com/  9/1/2015