Kath Williams + Associates Projects

Campus CITI Guatemala

Guatemala City
LEED New Construction 2009
In review
Owner:CITI Bank
Central America Operations
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Electrical Engineer:ECA Electricdad
HVAC Engineer:ECA Electricdad
Structural Engineer:Construcciones Y Consultora, S.A
Puebla, Mexico
Energy Modeler:Sustainability and Research
Commissioning Agent:Genetec/OPIA
Guatemala City, Guatemala
LEED AP:Enviro S.A.
Senior LEED AP:Kath Williams

The Guatemala Campus Citi project is a main building and a service building, one fully climatized and mechanically ventilated, referred as the Main Office Building and the other fully naturally ventilated and not climatized, referred as the Ancillary Utilities and Services Building.  

Located in an urban environment, this campus serves as offices and data centers supporting all Citibanks in Central America.