Kath Williams + Associates Projects

Forbo Flooring

North Holland
LEED 2009
Owner:Forbo Flooring B.V.
Krommenie, Netherlands
Energy Modeler:Quest Energy
Tempe, Arizona
LEED AP:Kees van de Lagemaat
Senior LEED AP:Kath Williams

With Forbo Flooring leading the USGBC as a founding member and later with Tim Cole serving as chair of the USGBC Board, this warehouse project was the first to be LEED-certified in Europe. Earning high Gold, this project was noteworthy because of the large solar roof array that produces 48% of the power needed.

An indepth transportation study, including environmental impacts, led to the choice of the site on Forbo's campus outside of Amsterdam. 

The site afforded the design/construction team the opportunity to restore a damaged neighboring canal and reduce a barrier between the manufacturing campus and the town.

Translation of the LEED documents from Dutch, German, and French was provided by In Every Language, a translation firm from Lexington, Kentucky.