Kath Williams + Associates Projects


Guatemala City
LEED-Certified 2014
LEED-Commercial Interiors v3
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Guatemala City, Guatemala
HVAC Engineer:Refripro
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Commissioning Agent:Genetec
Guatemala City, Guatemala
LEED AP:1/2 Ambiente Architecture
Senior LEED AP:Kath Williams

This 5,600 square foot commercial office space is located in a 19-story tower in Guatemala City. 

Sotavento is a family owned and operated corporation, that run and manages the family business.  The decision to move to one of the newest and biggest office complex in Guatemala City, Zona Pradera was because they wanted have a new but more private office with only the directors (most of them family) and integrate all managers in one office space.

 Floor 17 of tower II was the place they decided to occupy and Substancia/Piegatto firm was the chosen architecture studio for the interior design & construction. The main design intentions and request from owners was to make the design as modern and contemporary as possible. Therefore the architect pursued an impact not only with the floor plan layout but with the materials, textures, lighting and colors. 

As you exit the elevator the office can be  distinguished, as they modified all facade to the lobby. For privacy and security the office access will be extremely restricted. A delivery window is located in the aisle for main procedures, such as payments or package delivery so that only FTEs and occasional visitors enter the office. For security reasons, all walls located in the main lobby are armored and covered with wood to enhanced security.  Regional clear wood was used to do all office`s wall and all the ceiling details. 

The owners decided to pursued LEED because they are implementing sustainable practice in all business. Consequently several decisions were sustainable directed, such as; most of the regularly occupied spaces have daylight access; all offices have occupancy and daylight sensors; all fixtures and fittings were selected because of their low water consumption, all lighting including decorative was selected because of its low energy consumption and a recycled waste program is been implemented once they move in to promote sustainable practice as they do in all their business. The design also includes a terrace so with operable opening to the terrace and views to the exterior.