Kath Williams + Associates Projects

Missoula County Courthouse Renovation

LEED New Construction 2009
In LEED Final Review
Owner:Missoula County
Builder:Jackson Construction
Lolo, Montana
Architect:A&E Architects
Electrical Engineer:Maxus Consulting Engineers PC
Missoula, Montana
HVAC Engineer:JM Engineering PLLC
Missoula, Montana
Structural Engineer:Beaudette Consulting Engineers
Missoula, Montana
Commissioning Agent:DC Engineering
LEED AP:Heather Kinnear/Chase Jones
Senior LEED AP:Kath Williams/Lesly Mroczkowski

This five-phase renovation of the historic Missoula County Courthouse is an intricate project for the design and construction teams. The goal is to retain and restore predominant architecture and structural features while updating this to support a myriad of county services including 911 call center and courtrooms.