Kath Williams + Associates Projects

Centra Norte Shopping Mall and Transit Hub

Mall and Transit Hub
Guatemala City, Guatemala
LEED Certified
LEED CS v2009
Owner:Centra Norte
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Developer:Desarrollos Ketzal
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Construction Manager:DESARROLLOS KETZAL
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Architect:ENVIRO SA
Electrical Engineer:DYELCOM
HVAC Engineer:GOM
Commissioning Agent:GENETEC
Senior LEED AP:Kath Williams

The project is a major, open air shopping center in Guatemala City, Guatemala that serves as a transfer hub from national buses to city buses. It is located in the main entrace to the city from all towns on the Atlantic Ocean.
Its three floors , occupying built area of 60,000 sq meters on a site for a total of 112,331.045 square meters, is the largest LEED-certified project in Central America. Currently there are 271 shops.

 One of the main floor is used for underground parking,  the ground floor (16,000 sq. meters) is for the bus docks and includes waiting area, ticketing, and restrooms. The station handles 37 bus routes daily.  The third floor houses open-air restaurants and commercial areas with a food court, small shops, and administrative offices.  This total floor is approximately 19,000 sq meters.  serving 1600 visitors daily.